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Winter 2022 news roundup

A brief article of photos that show some of the project work progressed over winter 2022.

Carriage A1328 restoration progress February 2022

The restoration of carriage A 1328 has continued apace over summer, boosted by the donation of a complete set of replacement window lights.

Mainline extension update

Over the past few months we have been working on extending our mainline past the Maymorn Metlink station.

Cab and bunker fabrication for Wb 292 and 299

Cabs for both Baldwin steam locomotives Wb 292 and 299 are being assembled concurrently in our Maymorn workshop.

Carriage A1328 restoration update

Restoration work has been progressing steadily since carriage A 1328 was added to our fleet in July 2020.

Carriage A 1328 added to fleet

Carriage A 1328 is a recent arrival at Maymorn. The car is in remarkably good condition and after a modest amount of restoration work it will return to service on our railway.

Track extension - June 2020

We have been busy through May and June extending our "turntable road" track that runs alongside the rail vehicle shed, parallel to the Waiararapa line.

Patterns for Gumdigger carriage A 255

A set of patterns have been made for our historic Gumdigger carriage A 255, built at Addington Workshops, Christchurch in 1884.

Moving Wb 299 to the workshop

On Saturday 21 March 2020 we rolled the main frame of steam locomotive Wb 299 into the workshop - just a few days before the Covid-19 level-3 and level-4 lock-down.

Wb 299 cab and bunker reconstruction

The cab and bunker of steam locomotive Wb 299 have received a lot of attention over the past couple of months, the front and both side sheets of the bunker in place and the whole assembly mounted on a "cab board".