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Carriage A1328 restoration update

Ron Jones applying a second coat of red enamel to carriage A1328

Restoration work has been progressing steadily since carriage A 1328 was added to our fleet in July 2020. External tongue and groove timber cladding has been cleaned down and repainted, rotten and missing lengths of T&G and trim timbers replaced. The carriage is looking much improved with two coats of Resene Super Gloss "Jalapeño" red enamel.

Verandah flooring at the north end of the carriage is being replaced and and ironwork refurbished. Next steps include making a full set of windows, upgrading the floor, repairing carriage internal walls and installing a set of seats.

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Ron Jones dusting off a window sill for painting on 22 August 2020.

A1328 outside the shed during a shunt on 11 October 2020. The carriage was brought off the inspection pits to give floor-level access to the cladding.

Peter and Colin working on cladding and verandah flooring at the north end of the carriage on 17 October 2020. All footstep timbers have also been replaced.

Verandah timbers replaced at the north end of the carriage on 8 December 2020, ready to be bolted to the frame. Next steps will be to refurbish the verandah ironwork and gates.