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Carriage A1328 restoration progress February 2022

Tr189 shunting A1328 at Maymorn on 18 December 2021

The restoration of carriage A 1328 has continued apace over summer, boosted by the donation of a complete set of replacement window lights. Once the windows have been fitted there are just a few key tasks to complete, including fitting a set of seats, further mechanical and commissioning checks. The Trust plans to have the carriage in operation at its regular monthly Operating Days in mid-2022.

Grateful thanks to:

The 50-foot long timber-clad carriage was built at New Zealand Government Railways Newmarket Workshops in 1913 and arrived at Maymorn on 10 July 2020.

Tr 189 and A 1328 at Maymorn, during a shunt operation on 18 December 2021. The carriage was placed over an inspection pit to replace some of the tongue and groove side cladding.

A new floor lining has been fitted, all wall panels repaired and replaced as needed and window frames repaired.

Replacement window lights test-fitted to a repaired window frame on 29 January 2022

Replacement window lights donated by Maymorn Joiners Ltd - interior stained and many coats of water-borne urethane, exterior finished off with bright red enamel to match the side cladding.