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Patterns for Gumdigger carriage A 255

A 255 number plate pattern
A 255 number plate pattern

A set of patterns have been made for our historic Gumdigger carriage A 255, built at Addington Workshops, Christchurch in 1884.

Number, class and smoking plate patterns have been fashioned from MDF material, sealed and painted, ready for casting in brass. A big thanks to Clive Davis, project manager for the A 255 carriage rebuild, for locating the drawings and commissioning the work.

Gumdigger carriage A18, Dunedin, August 1906. J.A. Arundel Collection.

Original type number, class and smoking plates can be seen in this photograph of sister Gumdigger carriage A18 in service at Dunedin in August 1906.  J.A. Arundel Collection.

First class plate pattern

First class plate pattern. 

Second class plate pattern

Second class plate pattern

Smoking plate pattern

Smoking plate pattern. There's no "non-smoking" plate, the presumption being that its non-smoking unless indicated otherwise!