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Workshop floor gets funding boost

We're grateful for recent grants from Cossie Club Upper Hutt and Rimutaka Trust, which have given us a much needed boost towards completing our workshop.

Loop track ballast drop

On Saturday 26 September 2015 the track gang joined up the track sets on the new loop track, and dropped three wagon loads of ballast.

Work in progress 5 September 2015

Another ballast wagon is in the paint shop. Rust and old flaking paint has been removed with a needle-gun, making short work of this laborious job.

Loop track construction update

More progress with our loop track at Maymorn, following on from the previous Loop track build starts story from July and August.

Loop track build starts

During July and August we have started building the loop track at Maymorn, which extends eastwards from the double slip.

130 year old carriage saved by Trust

An 1884-vintage "Gumdigger" type carriage is destined to run again on the Rimutaka Incline Railway.

Gumdigger carriage transported north

The first half of Gumdigger carriage A255 in transit at Dunedin in December 2014. Photo: Clark McCarthy.

Gardner 8L3 diesel engine started on Ohai Railway Board No.1

A successful start, with a goodly amount of leaves and dust blown through! Oil pressure was brought up using an external pump and starting current to the starter motor from a battery set.

Work in progress 7 March 2015

Native shrubs and trees

Bart and Graeme have done a wonderful job tending to the native shrubs and trees planted at our Maymorn site.

Trust display at Upper Hutt Summer Carnival

A brilliantly fine day at Trentham Memorial Park for the 2015 Upper Hutt Summer Carnival - a great venue for the Trust to promote its activities and operating days.