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Workshop update - Summer 2015/16

Since our last update on 7 December - Workshop floor gets funding boost - we have placed over 20 cubic metres of concrete floor in the workshop. The transformation to the workshop building is significant - its fantastic to have so much usable floor area.

Only one road of the shed will be fitted with rails at this stage, and the "road three" rail beams are being boarded over to provide a continuous floor for machine tools, work benches and storage areas.

The interior wall between the workshop and main shed was required to be insulated, and we have clad this with ColorSteel - most of it left overs from previous exterior cladding work.

Next steps with the workshop are to fabricate and fit a bi-folding train door, plus a pedestrian door, followed by interior linings.

Thanks are due again to recent grants from Cossie Club Upper Hutt and Rimutaka Trust, for funding towards completing our workshop.

Floor slabs between rail beams were placed on 12 December 2015

John de Graaff finishing up main floor slabs on Saturday 19 December 2015. More than 15 cubic metres of concrete was placed on that day.

Another view of the floor laid on 19 December.

The workshop transformed with the completion of concrete floors.

Marking out bedplate positions on road three of the workshop.

A start was made on cladding the internal wall between workshop and main shed in January 2016.

Installing a full-length sheet on 6 February.

All cladding in place for the three bays between the workshop and the main shed on 20 February 2016.

Timber flooring covering over road three rail channels in the workshop.