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Head of steel

Extending mainline at Maymorn

Track is being built at Maymorn station, including our future mainline and loop tracks, along with points and yard track leading into the rail vehicle shed.

We've made a start on building our future mainline track at Maymorn. Track has reached the 150-metre mark and plans are afoot to extend it to the Kaitoke end of our Maymorn site.

Recent posts

Mainline extension June 8th

Our mainline at Maymorn was extended a further two tracksets on Saturday 8 June, now just 10m shy of the pedestrian crossing gates.

We're keen to shift the rake of Yc ballast wagons along - to give a little more running track length ahead of our official commissioning of shunt loco Tr189 on 22 June.

All photos by Glenn Fitzgerald

9 June 2013

Mainline now connected to shed yard

We have been working on connecting our mainline to the shed yard, including a double slip and two turnouts, all in 91LB/yard rail. The double slip has been extensively rebuilt from a donor asset purchased ex KwiRail during the Wellington rail upgrade programme. Both turnouts have essentially been built from scratch from individual components. The 91LB rail has been cascaded out of our mainline to build the turnouts.

10 January 2013

Track work - 24 November

Good progress had on Saturday with our current challenge - to connect up our mainline with the rail vehicle shed yard at Maymorn. We split up into teams - sorting and moving 50kg rail for mainline, loop and yard work, adding sleepers to the frog set of the double slip, and rail work associated with our new road 2 turnout.

26 November 2012

Mainline build

During September we have connected the double slip at Maymorn to our existing mainline track. 91LB rail for the first trackset was drifted down to the turnout structure, sleepers respaced and fastened down.

Rather than drifting the remaining rails we are taking the opportunity to swap in six lengths of 50kg/m rail, so that the mainline is a consistent rail weight. The 91LB rail is also needed to build another turnout and to complete the inspection pits inside the rail vehicle shed.

3 October 2012

More double slip work

On Saturday 18 August we put a little more work into the doubleslip that we're rebuilding from a kit of parts. In the above, Colin, Peter and John were drilling holes for a checkrail at the Kaitoke end of the slip, the checkrail and running rail having originated from a turnout purchased from KiwiRail at Taita.

The outer slip rail on the KiwiRail side needed further attention to ensure a good fit to the switch. There was some residual curvature that needed to be crowed out - a 40 minute job...

20 August 2012

Double slip - April 2012

Our double slip is nearing completion, a key structure connecting the mainline and loop with the rail vehicle shed and future storage sidings. Over summer 11/12 we have reworked both slip frogs, installed sleepers and crossing plates. Closer rails have been selected, straightened, cut and drilled to couple the shortened slip frogs to the standard frogs each end of the structure. Quite an involved task, but we're making steady progress.

Work remaining to be done includes:

21 April 2012

Switch lever installed on road 1 turnout

Work has continued on our road one turnout, giving access to both roads of the rail vehicle shed. All riser plates have been installed, both blades and Wynn Williams spring switch fitted and made operational.

Next up is the road two turnout, which is located between the completed points and the double slip. A small amount of excavation is required to prepare the formation and drainage. We have most of the components needed for the turnout, which will be laid out as soon as the excavation is done.

31 March 2012

Points in Maymorn yard

Work completed today includes drilling heel block holes in the straight stock rail, crowing of curved closer and resetting of check and straightening the turnout road running road. The locomotive boilers in the distance are off 1898-vintage Baldwin steam locomotives Wb 292 and Wb 299, awaiting attention once the rail vehicle shed is completed.

15 October 2011

Track laying progress

A lot of progress has been made with track laying at Maymorn since the formation was excavated and prepared in late 2009. Work has occurred in two main areas: the yard throat connecting the mainline with the rail vehicle shed, and our future mainline heading northwards through the station yard.

24 September 2011

Major ballast sponsorship received

On 8 and 9 March 2011 some 320 cubic metres of ballast was delivered to our Maymorn site. Holcim (New Zealand) Limited donated the ballast from their Kiwi Point Quarry, Wellington, and Pelorus Trust covered the cost of transport. The ballast will be used with mainline and loop track construction at the Trust’s Maymorn station. This is a valuable addition to previous deliveries of ballast in 2010, sponsored by the Rail Heritage Trust of New Zealand.

12 July 2011