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Track extended past gate

On 7 February 2015 we extended our mainline track past the gate towards Maymorn station. Just a short distance, but great to be heading "up the hill" with the track again.

A few tasks had to be completed in the preceding weeks, including excavating and installing a field-drain to take surface water away from the pedestrian crossing area, rails cut and drilled, sleepers adzed and pre-bored. Further extension of approximately 100m is pending removal of hard fill from the future loop formation. 

Photos: Glenn Fitzgerald, Hugh McCracken

Glenn and John bring a 12m length of 50kg/m rail to the head of steel

Glenn and John prepare to drag the rail down the formation to join on to existing track

Length of rail slowly brought into position

Second length of rail eased over the newly laid surface drain

Ray and Hugh bring track to level after fitting sleepers

A ballast drop over the newly laid track finishing the day's work. The wagons were shunted with Tr189, out of shot past the EMU car...

The evening south-bound Wairarapa passenger service passes through Maymorn, with newly laid track in foreground.