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Shunting Loco ORB No1

Photo: [Archives Reference: AAVK 6390 W3493/180 B3904] Archives New Zealand The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua

The Trust has been offered the opportunity to purchase 1947 built Ohai Railway Board No.1. ORB No. 1 is the forerunner to the NZR Ds class of locomotive which were first put into service as heavy shunters during 1949.

The Trust is currently undertaking a fundraising appeal to purchase and transport Ohai Railway Board No.1 from Pukemiro to Maymorn. This locomotive will provide the Trust with a level of redundancy when major work is required on Tr189 as well as forming a key role in future railway construction activities and shunting work at Maymorn. 

The locomotive is essentially complete although a number of components have been removed from the locomotive and overhauled. There is also an assortment of new old stock spare parts for the engine and gearbox that will be included in the purchase of the locomotive. As OHB No.1 is fitted with train brakes it will give the Trust greater control over work trains and allow us to run demonstration passenger trains similar to those formerly run by ORB. 

Photo: [Archives Reference: AAVK 6390 W3493/180 B3904] Archives New Zealand The Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua

Recent posts

Work in progress - July 2019

News to share on our key projects. Our volunteers have put in a lot of time over the winter months, including upgrading yard track that will connect to the workshop, rust repairs for the cab of Ohai Railway Board No.1, repairs and repainting two of our fleet of ballast wagons, Gumdigger carriage frame repairs plus some essential rail vehicle shed work.

FRONZ conference visit 4 June 2018

FRONZ 2018 conference delegates made a visit to our railway for a train ride, workshop tour and lunch on Monday 4 June 2018, during their tour of heritage railway attractions in the Hutt Valley. Most heritage and tourist railways are FRONZ members, sending representatives to an annual conference to catch up on the latest advice and share their knowledge and experience.

Engine hood frame repairs for ORB No.1

A new engine hood frame is being fabricated for the railway's 30-tonne diesel shunt locomotive - former Ohai Railway Board No.1. The original hood frame had rusted beyond viable repair during its many years outside, exacerbated by build-up of coal dust during the course of its work, and contact with aluminium engine hood doors.

Shed shunt - May 2016

A fairly extensive shunt of the shed was done on Saturday 14 May 2016, in preparation for storing another 56-foot carriage inside. Sleeping car Aa1060 and Gumdigger A255 were moved onto the inspection pit area of road 1, clear of steam locomotive Ab745.

We took the opportunity to pose Ab745 and Tr189 outside the shed for a photo, part way through the shunt.

Work in progress 5 September 2015

Another ballast wagon is in the paint shop. Rust and old flaking paint has been removed with a needle-gun, making short work of this laborious job.

Individual components from shunt locomotive ORB #1 are also being prepped and painted, including areas of the frame, headstocks and sand boxes.

We have also added a lot of backfill into the floor area of the workshop extension to our shed, using a small rubber-tracked excavator to move around 20m3 of hard fill.

A few photos from recent weeks follow.