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Shed shunt - May 2016

A fairly extensive shunt of the shed was done on Saturday 14 May 2016, in preparation for storing another 56-foot carriage inside. Sleeping car Aa1060 and Gumdigger A255 were moved onto the inspection pit area of road 1, clear of steam locomotive Ab745.

We took the opportunity to pose Ab745 and Tr189 outside the shed for a photo, part way through the shunt.

Ab745 and Tr189 outside the shed, part way through the shunt movement

Another view of the two locomotives posed in front of the shed during the shunt movement

Ex Ohai Railway Board #1 part way through rebuilding - engine hood, diesel tank, radiator and many other items removed for repair

    Tr189 shunting ballast wagon Yc895 out of the shed, the latest of the fleet to be painted and repaired.