Rimutaka Incline Railway

Building a Sanctuary for Steam

Rail vehicle shed

Some of the team working on installing wall cladding on the rail vehicle shed pause for a photo on 3 October 2009.

The rail vehicle shed at Maymorn has been one of the primary projects for the Trust over the last few years. A huge amount of design work, engineering consultation, planning and project management has gone into the structure. The vast majority of the foundation work, component fabrication and final construction has been undertaken by volunteers working in their spare time. The decision to replicate an original 1911 New Zealand Railways 2-road engine shed design has paid dividends in that the Maymorn station has a real railway depot “feel” about it. The building will also complement future heritage railway operations.

More cladding fitted to internal wall in workshop

An update on work done on Saturday 7 May 2016 - we placed 2.4m3 of concrete, casting a set of steps into the road 1 inspection pit, and two floor slabs. Complicated form work and a lot of manual concrete placing - but well worth the effort. The steps and floor slabs have tidied up the inspection pit area of the shed, finishing up some loose ends from previous pours.

We have also continued with insulation and lining of the workshop, and put some spare sheets of ColorSteel to good use, as the photos show. The ColorSteel has the major benefit of being up and finished in no time flat -...

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Interior wall between workshop and main shed

Since our last update on 7 December - Workshop floor gets funding boost - we have placed over 20 cubic metres of concrete floor in the workshop. The transformation to the workshop building is significant - its fantastic to have so much usable floor area.

Only one road of the shed will be fitted with rails at this stage, and the "road three" rail beams are being boarded over to provide a continuous floor for machine tools, work benches and storage areas.

The interior wall between the workshop and main shed was required to...

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We're grateful for recent grants from Cossie Club Upper Hutt and Rimutaka Trust, which have given us a much needed boost towards completing our workshop.

Reinforcing steel and concrete will be purchased with the funding, and by the end of December we are likely to have most of the floor in place. 

A few photos of recent work follows:

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Another ballast wagon is in the paint shop. Rust and old flaking paint has been removed with a needle-gun, making short work of this laborious job.

Individual components from shunt locomotive ORB #1 are also being prepped and painted, including areas of the frame, headstocks and sand boxes.

We have also added a lot of backfill into the floor area of the workshop extension to our shed, using a small rubber-tracked excavator to move around 20m3 of hard fill.

A few photos from recent weeks follow.

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Bart and Graeme watering native shrubs planted at Maymorn

Native shrubs and trees

Bart and Graeme have done a wonderful job tending to the native shrubs and trees planted at our Maymorn site. A host of native shrubs and trees have been planted alongside our future mainline formation to the Kaitoke side of the pedestrian crossing. The plants have taken despite the arduous ground conditions and occasional accidental dose of weedspray - a vast improvement over the gorse and blackberry the previously occupied the area.

Flax and trees have been planted along either side of the driveway as well, again in some pretty tough growing...

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