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Workshop foundation wall completed

On Saturday 29th November we passed another milestone with our workshop shed construction - completing the foundation wall. A few weeks of preparing formwork had paid off with a single building inspection and pour, a central column pod included in the job. We're grateful for funding recently received from Rimutaka Trust, which has been another major boost for our workshop project.

Rimutaka Trust

We also completed five small sections of floor slabs inside the main shed, along with a short length of inspection pit floor and a support wall.

Work can now proceed on backfilling the workshop floor area and preparing rail beams and slabs for inspection and concrete placement. 

All photos: Glenn Fitzgerald.

Trust volunteers placing concrete into the wall formwork

Another view of the work placing concrete into the deeper section of wall

Small floor slabs getting the treatment inside the shed. Brilliant to have completed these areas and get a long length of floor finished

Small section of inspection pit floor done - essential to have this work done so we can commission and use pit road 1