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Progress with inspection pit

Peter and Ray fitting reinforcing to inspection pit wall
Peter and Ray fitting reinforcing to inspection pit wall.

Over the last couple of weeks we have put a lot of work into a 10-metre length of wall, part of the inspection pit facilities within our rail vehicle shed at Maymorn. The reinforcing and associated form work is fairly complex and requires careful and methodical work.

The 10-metre length of wall parallels a set of steel columns - both will eventually carry the running rails of road 1. The concrete wall completes off the below-rail portion of the inspection pit area of the shed. After the wall is poured we will be able to back-fill and pour a further length of floor at rail height, linking the high-level floor with the rest of the shed.

All going well we should be able to complete building inspection of the wall (along with a further portion of floor and workshop walls) and pour concrete on Saturday 26 May.