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NZRLS jigger test run

A trial run of rubber-tyred 3-man motor trolley #7002 was made at Maymorn on 30 May 2016, The NZRLS-owned trolley has been restored to operating order by Ray Randle. After pre-run inspection checks and sign-off the trolley was gradually coaxed back to life. Some minor adjustments were needed to the Briggs and Stratton motor and gear lever, but otherwise it performed well.

More than seventy trollies were to this 1961-design, having a lightweight aluminium alloy frame, rubber tyres and aluminium guide wheels. No. 7002 sports brackets on the left-hand side for carrying ladders, and would have been used by a signal maintainer. Trolleys of this type were commonly seen operating in the Wairarapa.

Ben Calcott inspecting the trolley before operation

Iain, Ben and Ray carrying out some pre-start checks. Photo: Rob Merrifield

Ray takes the trolley through its paces. Photo: Rob Merrifield

Another view of Ray test-driving the jigger, Hugh and Bart watching with interest. Photo: Graeme Bennett