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Earthworks for workshop and track extension

A 12-tonne excavator and dump truck were hard at work at Maymorn on Monday 12 January, excavating and moving spoil from the north end of our station to backfill the foundations of our workshop. The formation for our forthcoming track extension was widened and tidied up as well - with additional space cleared alongside the loop formation and a cross-drain put in.

Around 50 cubic metres of good quality base course was moved into the workshop formation, as the photos below show. Over the next week or two this will be spread and compacted in preparation for the concrete floor.

A big shout-out to Peter O'Flaherty Contractors for helping the Trust out with the day's earthmoving.

Another truck load of base course loaded

And dumped into the workshop foundations through the train door frame

An earth ramp was graded up and across the foundation wall, and successive loads pushed down into the foundation area