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Cab work continues for steam loco Wb 299

Work continues on rebuilding the cab for 1898 Baldwin steam locomotive Wb 299. The photo above shows progress with fabricating the cab front on 24 September 2016. The curves for the roof and firebox cut-out took some time to mark out, having radii of 87.657" and 27". It was fantastic to see the distinctive cab outline come together as the cut-outs were completed.

The front window dimensions were great to work with, being whole imperial units. The larger windows to the sides are 15" x 28", the smaller inner windows 12" x 19.5". The offsets from sides, centre and bottom of the sheet are also whole imperial units. One surmises that unless there was a good reason to do otherwise, draughtsmen at Baldwin Locomotive Works would stick with whole units...

The cab roof originally incorporated a timber ceiling, and was mounted higher, as can be seen in the c1900-1910 photo below. The reboilered Wb locomotives based at Westport (292, 298, 299 & 300) had a lower roof with no ceiling, which is the form the rebuilt cab will take.

Next steps are to complete cutting out the cab front and back, finish off the window cut-outs, and then fit to the driver's side that has already been made (refer Upper Hutt displays). We plan to have a all these components ready for public display by November.