Ballast wagons

Ron Jones painting ballast wagon Yc 817

The Trust has a fleet of thirteen YC-class ballast wagons for future use on the Rimutaka Incline Railway.

Around 200 wagons of YC, YF and YH classes were withdrawn from service during 2007, replaced by a fleet of 40 modern YJ-class bogie hopper wagons. The Trust’s plans to construct and maintain the heritage railway will require a ballast wagon train. This was a rare and not-to-be repeated opportunity to acquire a fleet of suitable ballast wagons. The Trust is grateful to the many individuals and organisations that have sponsored a wagon or transport thereof, including New Zealand Community Trust, Pelorus Trust and Winstone Aggregates; and also to ONTRACK for the opportunity to purchase the vehicles.

Recent posts

Work in progress 5 September 2015

Another ballast wagon is in the paint shop. Rust and old flaking paint has been removed with a needle-gun, making short work of this laborious job.

Individual components from shunt locomotive ORB #1 are also being prepped and painted, including areas of the frame, headstocks and sand boxes.

We have also added a lot of backfill into the floor area of the workshop extension to our shed, using a small rubber-tracked excavator to move around 20m3 of hard fill.

A few photos from recent weeks follow.

7 September 2015

Ballast wagon restoration progress

Ballast wagon Yc 817 is undergoing a rapid transformation, with topcoats applied and signwriting under way. Trust member Ron Jones has been the mainstay of this project, tirelessly scraping down the layers of old paintwork and crud and painting. The panels at each end of the hopper have been removed to permit easier access to the underlying equipment and framing, all of which has been given 'the treatment'.

24 July 2012