Rimutaka Incline Railway

Building a Sanctuary for Steam

Loop track build starts

Maymorn loop takes shape

During July and August we have started building the loop track at Maymorn, which extends eastwards from the double slip. The formation is already prepared for the loop, sloping to the cess drain to the north side. The loop passes through a short curve past the slip, then its straight-running through to and past the pedestrian crossing.

The loop will initially be used as a storage siding and will be useful to shunt wagons and carriages that are 'uphill' of our shunt loco.

Laying out the rail on a rather gloomy Saturday 18 July
Union joint taking shape, 50kg/m loop rail to the left, 91lb/y rail to the right leading to the double slip
Crowing the required curvature into rail on 25 July. Photo: Glenn Fitzgerald
Battling with the hydraulic "crow". Photo: Glenn Fitzgerald
Overview of work - rail drilling and crowing in progress. Photo: Glenn Fitzgerald
First straight trackset in foreground, more rail cutting under way.Slow going, with every rail needing prep. Photo: Glenn Fitzgerald
By 1 August most of the curve had been crowed, with a good number of sleepers added.